UK Website Builders

UK Website Builders
  1. Free: 9

    Connect Domain: 10

    Combo: 8

    Unlimited: 10

    VIP: 22

    Wix is used by over 100 million people across 190 different countries. It’s an affordable, easy and hassle-free way of creating your own website in a matter of minutes.
  2. Free: 8

    Connect Domain: 7

    Combo: 10

    Unlimited: 9

    VIP: 40

    Squarespace is ideal for creating professional websites. It has the best quality designs and features on the market, and while it can take a little getting used to, the final results are worth your patience.
  3. Free: 7

    Connect Domain: 5

    Combo: 4

    Unlimited: 8

    VIP: 15.99

    Volusion is one of the oldest ecommerce website builders around. In short, Volusion is pretty easy to use – if you have no interest in designing a website’s appearance.
  4. Free: 7

    Connect Domain: 5

    Combo: 9

    Unlimited: 8

    VIP: 10.99

    SmugMug a great choice of website builder for anyone who wants to show and even sell their visual work online – including artists and designers as well as photographers.
  5. Free: 8

    Connect Domain: 10

    Combo: 9

    Unlimited: 10

    VIP: 15

    Creating a website should be easy and fun — this is our philosophy here at uKit. Let your imagination run wild or use predefined options.

10 best website builders in the UK – 2020: pros, cons, prices

There may be a number of reasons why somebody needs to make a site but in all their vastness, those reasons boil down to:

  • showcase own work to the people around 
  • just to share knowledge
  • earn on the created content
  • support or create some brand
  • for personal expression.


The types of sites that it’s possible to make with a site builder are:

  • wiki
  • webcomic
  • web portal
  • resume
  • religious site 
  • portfolio
  • portal
  • political site 
  • photo and data sharing
  • personal
  • of the governmental body
  • non-profit
  • mobile apps site 
  • mirror site 
  • microblog
  • media
  • informational
  • infopreneur
  • gripe site 
  • games
  • entertainment and humor site 
  • educational
  • e-commerce
  • dating
  • crowdfunding
  • corporate
  • comparison shopping site 
  • community forum
  • click-to-donate site 
  • classified information site 
  • celebrity site 
  • business and business directory
  • brochure
  • brand-building site 
  • blog
  • biopic
  • author’s site 
  • archive
  • 18+.

If you have read this list really carefully, you might have noticed that some types of sites are absent – like other site builders or social networks. Also, large trading platforms like, Amazon, and eBay aren’t accessible. But it is already quite an impressive list of sites one can make and manage. Multiply this list by several or several dozens of ready-to-go templates in each category and you will have a good idea of the diversity in the number of opportunities and options that site builders as tools provide their users. And they do not require any special knowledge to start and run a site – just grab a keyboard, mouse, plug on your Internet on a desktop device and go create your site within hours of time. Is it that easy? Not always like a clap of fingers but, yeah, it’s that easy in 2020.

Before getting to know each of represented 10 site builders on the list below, we’d like to stress out that the mentioned tools were selected to deliver over-than-medium quality, as we want to present only the best IT solutions for our UK users, as we know that the users of the UK eager for stout lasting quality in everything they use.


The list of website builders best for the UK to compare

  1. builder
  2. Wix builder
  3. Weebly builder
  4. Shopify builder
  5. Squarespace builder
  6. BigCommerce builder
  7. Zenfolio builder
  8. Duda builder
  9. Sitebuilder builder
  10. Jimdo builder


Description of uKit site builder

Being one of the spoken leaders of the world on the market of sites making, uKit builder has a long list of pros and nearly deprived of cons. This best website builder software is great for the entire of the revealed before types of sites, which is even surprising, as this builder is not a specialized tool in the UK. We can assuredly say that uKit builder is going to be loved by you for its extremely low pricing, broad functionality, concise FAQ, and great discounts in this builder when it comes to a large-span subscription, like for years. 


Signs of the preeminence of this site builder:

  1. Unlike its closest pursuers builders like Wix and Weebly, uKit builder does not limit its users in essentials like the space of storage, bandwidth, HTTPS, SSL, mobile-friendliness, an ability to edit CSS & HTML, make restorations and backups manually and automatically, upload any kind and number of files, using any number of apps from own app store, create and change any number of pages, have any number of forms and buttons on one page. So literally, its users can safely be sole creators of their site and executors of their creative will – not limited, not squeezed to tiny borders.
  2. Two hundred beautiful organized templates in this builder, which possible to broadly change and reshape to one’s needs.
  3. A number of tools to integrate with this builder, including third-party databases, CRM system, accounting systems, datasheets, shipping and material calculators, and others.
  4. Wonderfully simple building drag-and-drop interface with a clear field of WYSIWYG.
  5. Excellent looks of its templates (themes), which are clearly similar to Squarespace’s.
  6. Weaknesses of this site builder
  7. Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) is yet to be introduced to this builder.


The subscription policy and pricing of this site builder:

Have you been thinking that you drink too much coffee? You can level up your health by depriving yourself of one or two extra mid-size coffees a month – and for the saved money, you can buy a monthly subscription of uKit site builder. As small as $3.50 a month – 2.80 pounds only – is the starting price of this amazing builder. The biggest price of the builder is 15 US dollars a month (with loads of tools, widgets, free hosting with a cool name, and an online store). Why is it so unbelievably cheap, you ask? Because the tool’s team of creators is positioned in a country with one of the cheapest labor forces in the world. This country also has cheap hosting, domain names servicing, and reliable Internet. If you are now ready to choose the market’s best – go for it and don’t overpay for other solutions, which we are considering below.


Description of Wix site builder

Wix has been around for over a decade on the market. To stay widely known during this whole time, it burns down millions of dollars every year for commercial and promo. Due to the selected model of behavior that largely relies on advertising, Wix obviously lacks money to make decent improvements of the website maker itself, depriving it of existing significant cons to make people actually like the system and choose it for its power and lack of cons, not because they see intrusive advertising everywhere on this planet. We personally didn’t like to use this site builder because of the longest list of cons that we found and a tiny list of cons it has.


Signs of the preeminence of this site builder:

  1. The only really nice advantage of Wix builder is ADI – to shrink the time required to receive a site’s personalization.
  2. Despite the fact that it has over 500 templates – when you look at them, you may get a stout impression that they are only several dozen versions of a few rods.


Weaknesses of this site builder:

  1. Choose the templates with cautiousness – as not every in this builder mobile/tablet optimal.
  2. Impossible to change the template not rebuilding everything from scratch.
  3. Works tremendously slowly on a regular mid-power desktop.
  4. Limited navigation level.
  5. Nearly every plan of this builder limits on storage or bandwidth. We’re now addressing to Wix managers: come one, guys, brace yourself up – it’s 21st century over there on the street, no other site builder limits in this stuff when paid decently. Buy a couple of new servers and connect your data center with a few new Internet cables to the Global Net, eventually – you haven’t done this for years of work, shame on you!
  6. Paying money doesn’t free you in all cases from seeing Wix annoying and super heavyweight banners all over your pages – swiftly depleting already too limited bandwidth.
  7. Poor SEO, not pushing any Wix’s website into Google’s top (check for yourself).
  8. Not optimal automatically generated HTML code but you can’t change it manually.
  9. User creativity in customizing pages is very limited.
  10. A host of possibilities in the builder’s interface literally interferes with normal, productive work.


The subscription policy and the rated pricing of this site builder:

  • Pay $4.50 a month to see intrusive banners of the builder and not to have a decent website
  • Give out $8.50 not to see banners
  • Pay $12.50 a month not to feel suffocated that much when working on a website 
  • For $24.50, get some decent starting pack, which costs $3.50 a month in uKit with better power
  • Give away 17…35 dollars a month to have tens of times poorer e-commerce power than Shopify gives for the comparable money.


Description of Weebly site builder

Weebly has one of the most beautiful templates, one of the most comprehensible working areas and very easy drag-and-drop builder. It also has a mobile app of the editor so you can work on the go (doing limited arrangements to the website). The site builder is loved by many for its free-of-charge try-and-buy period, which can last endlessly. 


Signs of the preeminence of this site builder:

  1. Highly beautiful categorized templates.
  2. SEO is admirable.
  3. Switching amongst the themes is easily allowed and won’t lead to data loss.
  4. Drag-and-drop is of high convenience.
  5. A free usage option.
  6. A possibility to edit HTML freely to reach more sophistication.


Weaknesses of this site builder:

  1. Backup and restore are absent, so don’t mess around.
  2. ADI is not yet present (and we don’t know when it will be presented).
  3. Visual content management and changing is not the simplest task.


The subscription policy and pricing of this site builder:

Besides free usage, there is payment of €5 a month to get basics like SSL certificate. For €10, the online store option becomes possible. For €20, the store gets bigger power. And for €30, you can send your clients information about the abandoned carts (if this is your need). 


Description of Shopify site builder

Shopify is a specialized website building tool – it is used solely for online stores. That’s why it is not appropriate for any other type of website and extra tuned at e-commerce. If you want the biggest power of e-commerce than in any other site builder, then Shopify is the sole choice.


Signs of the preeminence of this site builder:

  1. Tuning at e-commerce with so many features in this area that you won’t find another that strong tool to start and run a store on the Internet.
  2. Great money for value.
  3. All possible reporting, scalability, sales, payments (including e-money), and advertising channels.
  4. Amazing SEO.
  5. Wonderful templates with a high degree of adjustability.
  6. Easy to work.
  7. An abandoned cart is managed in every subscription channel.


Weaknesses of this site builder:

  1. A multilingual website is not easily doable.
  2. Transaction fees are somewhat restrictive.
  3. Not great for other types of websites.


The subscription policy and pricing of this site builder:

The starting price is 29 dollars a month and it’s the most popular subscription package among the users. 79 dollars will slightly move the limits beyond, and 299 dollars a month will give so much power that you have to ponder whether you need so much indeed. Paid for a year at once in a go, users receive -10% off the mentioned prices.


Description of Squarespace site builder 

There is only one site builder on the market, which has the same beautiful templates as uKit, which excel with every pixel – Squarespace. Astounding pieces of art will let you thrive and distinguish from competitors. Wonderful personification abilities will let you stand out of the crowd even more.


Signs of the preeminence of this site builder:

  1. Excellence in visual implementation of themes.
  2. SEO gives everything one may need.
  3. It does not limit its users in bandwidth and storage and gives a free domain.


Important weaknesses of this site builder:

  1. Great for websites with around 10 pages – as only 2 levels of navigation aren’t enough in most cases for websites with many pages.
  2. 3% sales commission in two minimum-paid levels.


The subscription policy and pricing of this site builder:

You can opt for 4 plans, starting with 12 bucks a month, ending with 46. The price also varies based on how many months you are paying for and you can get a 15% discount if paid for a year in one go. Three of the four packages allow you to run an online store.


Description of BigCommerce site builder 

BigCommerce is similar to Shopify but it is its chaser, not competitor, as BigCommerce actually has appeared long after Shopify had and simply copies its functionality.


Signs of the preeminence of this site builder:

  1. Prominent store with high sales power.
  2. Does not offer you to pay any commission for sales.


Weaknesses of this site builder:

  1. You can’t sell more than fifty, hundred and fifty or four hundred thousand dollars a year in each of three subscription plans (depending on what you choose). Want more – get yourself a personally tuned option.
  2. Mimics Shopify.


The subscription policy and pricing of this site builder:

$29.95, $79.95, and $249.95 for a month are the three available plans. If you are dissatisfied with sales limitations set annually, you may wanna opt for a personal tariff plan, which is going to suit your sales – but you are going to pay much more for that. Some people tell they pay around 2,000 dollars a month having sales over than 500,000 dollars a year (4.8% commission in total if to consider the correlation of yearly payment ($24,000) to the yearly sales ($500,000), which is really a big amount that transfers the payment for using this site builder to the shoulders of end buyers, increasing inflation and consumer prices index).

Description of Zenfolio website builder 

Zenfolio is a perfect solution in the case if you need a great visual part of your website, on which you’re hosting your portfolio, video & photo galleries, and other similar stuff. You can adjust your pictures and videos in a widened manner, which makes this site builder a great option for visual designers and videographers.  


Signs of the preeminence of this website builder:

  1. Great themes to choose from and adjust as you wish.
  2. Pictures, graphics & videos can be worked with great power.


Weaknesses of this website builder:

It is just for people who work professionally with graphics to let them showcase effectively. So it’s not good for other types of needs like informational websites or portals.


The subscription policy and pricing of this website builder:

$5, $20 or $30 are going to be paid if you want to work with this site builder. It does not limit you in bandwidth and storage, allows working with thousands of pre-added photos of the catalog, and gives access to professional tools that designers may need.


Description of Duda website builder

Light issues require light solutions, which Duda gives, which are not even nearly as powerful as the best website builders in the UK. You can’t do a complex website with many advancements but you are able to start your web presence fast, effective, and with little hustle-and-bustle.


Signs of the preeminence of this website builder:

  1. Do the sales even in a free version – which is unlikely to be met on the market of website makers in the UK.
  2. Tools, widgets, and add-ons to use for your creativity to thrive and website to blossom.
  3. Integration with social media is a great thing in a modern interconnected world.
  4. Work with its drag-and-drop in a cool way allowing self to adjust flexible themes.
  5. Fully use the advantages of a long 30-day trial period.


Weaknesses of this website builder:

  1. Simple. Too simple, in fact.
  2. No newsletter, not too many apps to use.
  3. Jumping pricing – it has increased twofold for the past year.
  4. No HTML/CSS access.
  5. No website export/download.


The subscription policy and pricing of this website builder:

Terribly overpriced website creator wants to charge you $19, $29 & $99 in three its packages (with a possibility to lower down those prices to $14, $22, $74 if paid for a long period). That is too high above the market especially given its poor power.


Description of Sitebuilder 

Sitebuilder is the name of a website-making tool, which wants, obviously, to be firmly associated with the main task it does. However, it might have been good in the past but not anymore. It is just one of many, not even close one of the top website builders.


Signs of the preeminence of this website builder:

  1. Free trial time lets you understand whether you want to use this website creation tool or not.
  2. Isn’t hard to work with.
  3. Low prices.


Weaknesses of this website builder:

  1. Weak marketing & SEO.
  2. Hands off HTML and CSS. Put your creativity to some other place.


The subscription policy and pricing of this website builder:

  • After the promo price of the initial starting package is over, it’ll be $7,68 a month. That’s why, to save your money, get the next subscription package – for $5.99 a month.
  • Only $9.22 a month are going to be given out by you in exchange for an online store.


Description of Jimdo website builder

Jimdo is at the list’s tail. It allows you to work easily and without special knowledge, just like everybody rest, but do not expect great power from it – it’s just not the goal of this tool.


Signs of the preeminence of this website builder:

We haven’t seen any besides of a possibility to make a simple website quick.


Weaknesses of this website builder:

We could have given you a long list of its cons – but they all may fit into one line – this site builder does not give you anything good in terms of themes, advancements of the design, marketing, SEO promotion, working with your clientele, support, stats…


The subscription policy and pricing of this website builder:

  • The initial pricing starts with $4.15
  • Let yourself ‘Grow’ for 7.20 dollars
  • $9.10 for e-commerce
  • $18.62 is the biggest payment.

All prices are for 1 month of usage.


What in the world is a website builder

Can’t tell for you guys, but having an online tool to make a website with many great-looking and functional pages, as for us, is one of the astounding advancements of the modern IT industry and society in general. In 2020, literally, anyone can make own website without any knowledge of how to do it, just using software with a WYSIWYG shell (working area). Plug your Internet on, connect a mouse and a keyboard – and that’s it. These are all you need to make a website. Well, maybe, a head on your shoulders in addition to it and general knowledge of how to work with a computer. If you are a young man or woman from the Generation X and millennials – you definitely can cope with the task – especially given that every single website builder software has a number of quite nice (if to say less) templates of pages, which are categorized into industries where you might want to create a website. So, a simple website builder is an online page to create other online pages. You can do it efficiently and on your own, not resorting to someone’s services.


Comparing the advancements and lacks of a person-dev and of a tool

A person:

  • Is able to make just any website, even the one, which is normally prohibited for a tool
  • Will make it considering any degree of your oeuvre 
  • Needs a thoroughly elaborated technical assignment described in every detail
  • Will take anywhere between days and months to complete the job
  • He needs to eat and pay for the avalanche of monthly-based bills, so will take a lot of money from you, hundreds of times more than a tool would
  • Needs a lot of your time to participate in the dev process (when negotiating, controlling, testing, paying…)


A tool:

  • Is going to allow you to make it cheap (for a few bucks for a start) and time-saving (hours/days)
  • No bureaucracy
  • No paperwork
  • No knowledge of creating and running a website
  • Can’t do just any type of website
  • Large websites with tonnes of functions require a long time and efforts to make/run and increased monthly payments to do.


The main clients of website builders’– defining professions and occupations

Here is a long list of clients of site builders:

  • actor
  • advertising manager
  • advocate/attorney in law and other legal services provider
  • all types of writers
  • animator
  • architect
  • artist
  • beauty observer
  • blogger
  • developer
  • editor
  • entrepreneur or businessman
  • event manager
  • fashion worker
  • florist
  • just a person doing it for personal use
  • graphic designer
  • illustrator
  • interpreter
  • jeweler
  • journalist
  • model
  • music composer
  • notary
  • official person (like a country sheriff, as an example)
  • owner of a small or mid-sized business
  • painter
  • photographer
  • PR manager
  • salesperson or trade representative
  • sculptor
  • singer
  • tattooist
  • video games designer
  • videographer
  • web designer
  • woodworker and others.

We have tried to shape up the list of users of the named tools as good as we could so to make a great idea of types of users by profession and/or occupation. As you can easily see, the list includes many creative people or self-hired professionals and includes a little of those who work in offices as hired personnel. So if you associate self to one of the listed or have a connected type of profession – now you know that you are in the category of most active users of site builders.


What should one pay attention to when selecting a website builder

  1. Uptime. You don’t want your website to get down often, don’t you? A normal indicator is considered 99.9% of uptime (working time divided at all time) – so to make people enjoy your website online and working.
  2. Load times. For good SEO and high customer satisfaction, look for the options, which have a high ranking of the speed of loading of pages. You can, for instance, open website and to test the pages of the site builders you’re interested in. If you see that 2-4 random pages of those websites load up to 5 seconds, it means that with high probability, they should allow your website to load within this range of time as well – and that’s your goal.
  3. Price. It should be relevant to your budget and deliver the range of services, which are demanded by your goals. If you can find 90% of the needs within the price and the rest 10% come for acceptable money in a higher-ranking package of subscription, safely go for it. If you think you can’t allow to pay so much and don’t see the most of functions matching your needs, then do not opt for such a tool; we recommend to choose another.
  4. Specialization of a site builder. Some tools match great for 1 purpose – like Shopify matches for making e-commerce websites only. If you don’t care about other functionality and only want this purpose to blossom on your online pages, then always in such cases choose a specialized tool over a general one.
  5. The volume of storage space and bandwidth. A good tool is the one, which is not a limiting tool. Choose amongst the ones, which offer limitless or fairly large storage and no limits on bandwidth.
  6. Remember that unpaid running of a website is not an option, which may satisfy your business needs. As a rule, usage for no money has only a handful of basics, which are so low-level that you will foredoom your online image on the wretched existence. You don’t want that, don’t you?


Additional features of website builders performance that you shall look at

Templates. As pretty much nobody wants to build a website from scratch or blank page, the importance of the existence of many ready-to-start-with templates in the easiest website builder is high. For instance, in Wix, you can choose from 500+ templates (and their number is growing) split into many industries, taking into account the best practices of each industry. So the structure of pages is already tuned to fit the needs of people working in a particular industry. But if you want, however, to build everything using a visual builder of the interface, in many cases, you’re also able to do it with tools on our list. So, the bottom line – templates improve the quality of the outcome and shorten the working time to reach the goal.  

Support of customers. Certainly, as a new user, you will have questions and (maybe) problems. Resorting to FAQ is not something that always solves them. So, this way or another, you’ll have to go to a helping person of a website builders company to make your issue resolved. If the help center isn’t helpful – likely, you can’t build a good website, as you’re left alone with your unresolved task. What’s the point of working with somebody, who doesn’t want to offer you comfortable working process? Also, look at the number of channels that the support center has – the maximum amount is four: live chat, e-mail, phone, and ticketing system inside of a web page builder, which works on the basis of Q-A system with an operator.

Integration strengths. The more widgets, apps, tools, add-ons, and systems the platform to build a website is integrated with, the more are your chances to receive a professional website right in the start. Certainly, integration with something requires from you additional work and tests on the smoothness of working but it may significantly improve the power of your website and satisfaction of your customers. 

A simple example: you sell wooden furniture. If you can place an online calculator, where your potential customers can calculate the more or less precise cost of it based on a type of wood, width, height, a type of finishing, used furniture, delivery, and other factors – they are more likely to give orders to you than to other woodwork companies, which do not offer such a calc.

Backup and restore. Nobody wants to lose a website, on which he or she spends days and weeks of time for customization. If one sweet day the website is hacked, mutilated or deleted for any reason, the damage may be crucial. However, the restoring function might help to have it restored to some point in time. If you don’t have a backup & restore, losing everything may be a shock (not talking about negative financial impact), which can push you in anger to migrate to other website creation services, which have this option or to make a website on your own (or with an attraction of a dev person).

Owning a website. Some quick website builders in their user agreement say that users do not own a website and its contents, so their websites may be deleted for the violation of a long list of if’s. That’s comparable to just mentioned (the absence of restoring), which may shockingly impact your business once you find your website deleted (such web-making companies reserve the full right to delete it without any explanations and without a possibility to restore it). So, making backups of your website on a regular basis, as well as downloading the content of it on your offline hard drive periodically can save you from such. Or you can just opt for modern website builders, which do not claim to own the content of your website and deleting you after each sneeze. Read the agreement really carefully to find out the truth.


Industry’s best options of website builders

Small business is going to benefit from working with uKit and Weebly. Bloggers choose Squarespace for its high beauty. Photographers can rely on high efficacy of editing tools embedded into Zenfolio. E-commerce gains the highest power with BigCommerce and Shopify. Professionals are going to be glad about uKit. Mobile adaptability is high in uKit and Squarespace. Drag-and-drop is good in anything but Wix (where it’s kinda tangled).


Website builder reviews of customers

  1. Riley about BigCommerce builder: I love it because of a slightly lesser cost than Shopify for basically the same functionality. Also, it does not charge the transaction commission. The store can have several thousand items – that’s the point of perfection.
  2. Hannah about Shopify builder: It’s the best tool on the market considering only making and running a store on the Internet. High adaptability to my needs and welcoming interface with tonnes of useful widgets to use. Amazing.
  3. Adeline about Zenfolio: As a worker of the visual sphere, I love the integration with video and image enhancement tools. I don’t need separate software to play with pictures and make astounding galleries to boast with them.
  4. Ryleigh about uKit: I love the amazing all-embracing functionality it offers for such small money. I’ve done my research and haven’t found any other web builder with so little cost for so long list of offered web functions to boost my website. 
  5. Londyn about Jimdo: Simple power for a simple task of making a website with 7 pages. All basics were done in 90 minutes from start to finish by me – considering the full absence of any knowledge and previous experience of working in this site builder.


FAQ about website builders

Can I build my advanced website alone?

Certainly. You shan’t be stopped by the absence of knowledge in this area or fear to fail – many site builders offer wizard to lead you from start to finish as easily and effectively as possible.


How much does it cost to launch a website from start to finish?

It is even possible to do for no cost. But it won’t be as functional as you can get when working with paid. Premium power of the best website builder will be available for around 40-50 dollars a month even in sales online, not only in a personal/business website.


Mobile device interactive responsiveness

Every tool, as website builder reviews say, offers general susceptibility to mobile and tablet screens embedded into its templates. Some templates may not offer you this, however, so just pick another in such a case.